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Looking for a fun, new and interactive way to liven up a school assembly program? Try ComedySportz!

With over 20 years experience, ComedySportz has entertained thousands of students, teachers and parents at school assemblies across San Antonio and the suburbs. Our high-quality comedy competition is scalable to fit your event and budget. And since it’s improv, it is customizable to your school, your students and your assembly program.

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What is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz is competitive improvisational comedy.

Two teams, The Punslingers in Red and The Bexars in Blue battle for the laughs of you, the Loyal Fans. The Players create comedic scenes, songs and games based on the suggestions of the audience. A Referee times the games, calls the fouls and keeps things moving while an Announcer gives scoring updates and color commentary.

ComedySportz is interactive and appropriate for EVERYONE. And because it is interactive, the audience gets in on the fun by awarding points, shouting out suggestions and choosing the WINNER!

A ComedySportz Match is for Everyone

Worried about content? Don’t be! Our Road Shows are appropriate for school show audiences of any age or background. ComedySportz Road Shows have performed at:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middle School
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Morning Assemblies
  • Faith Groups (including Bar and Bat Mitzvahs)
  • Summer Camps

Just about any event you can think of!

Educational and Entertaining

Want to add some educational programming to your entertainment? Our Players have been performing and improvising for decades and they love to share what they know. If requested, the Players will meet with the kids after the match to answer any questions they may have about improvisation as an art form and life skill, the theater and ComedySportz.

Think your Middle School or High School students might want to get more involved? Add an Improv Workshop to the assembly! We offer a variety of workshops for groups large and small. The students will learn the basics of improv while actually getting up and playing some of our most popular games. Workshops can also be booked by themselves.

ComedySportz at Our Location

If you happen to be visiting San Antonio for a school trip, come see ComedySportz!

We offer private ComedySportz matches (including special matches for kids ages 3-7) just about any day/night of the week in our 50-seat arena. We can help with outside catering so you can enjoy your favorite food while you watch your favorite comedy shows.

Road Show Packages

Full Court Match

This is it: the full ComedySportz experience at your school assembly! Two teams, one Referee, one Announcer and thousands of laughs.

Half Court Match

This is a shorter but no less fun and interactive version of our long-running comedy match. It’s just like ComedySportz — in half the time with all the fun.

ComedySportz All Stars

Three of our Players will entertain and engage the students by playing some of our most popular improv games. We’ve removed the competition so only the laughter remains. This is a fun and fast way to change up your assembly. (for audiences of 75 or less)

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